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The League's origins can be traced to 1923 when the Goomalling-Dowerin Association was formed. In 1925, it became the Goomalling & District Football Association and the name 'Mortlock' was first used in 1973.

The MFL is home for seven football clubs, eight hockey clubs and seven netball clubs. The football clubs are the Calingiri Cougars, Dalwallinu Bulldogs, Dowerin/Wyalkatchem Tigers, Gingin Eagles, Goomalling Blues, Toodyay Lions and the Wongan/Ballidu Boomers. Dowerin and Wyalkatchem play as separate hockey clubs.

Premiers (1945-2015):

Goomalling (22), Calingiri (13), Dowerin (12), Toodyay (7), Goomalling Rovers, Jennacubbine, Wongan Hills (6), Goomalling Australs (4), Gingin (3), Ballidu, Bolgart, Ejanding and Wyalkatchem (all 2), Dowerin/Wyalkatchem, Konnongorring and Wongan/Ballidu (all 1), Cadoux, Dalwallinu and Yerecoin (no premierships).