Riverton Premier League

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The Riverton Premier League concept was created in November 2017 and adopted by the Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club Committee as part of their social calendar soon after.

Club member Derek Mott floated the concept with the committee, which was largely based on a six-a-side competition that one of his former clubs in Victoria ran successfully for many years.

The RPL was launched on December 4, 2017, with the first tournament (RPL 1) scheduled to take place on Sunday February 25, 2018 at Riverton Park.

A silent auction for the three RPL licences was held on December 16 and raised $430 for charity. The consortium of Matt Koenig and Andrew Taya was successful in winning the first licence and called their team Goods Inc. while naming beyondblue as their charity. A syndicate of thirteen Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club wives and girlfriends secured the second licence and announced Buying The Boys as their team name and chose the National Breast Cancer Foundation as their charity. The final licence was claimed by Grant & Tracy Newman and Richard & Bek Marshall and named their team Cricket For A Cauz and nominated MSWA as their nominated charity.

The three ownership groups took part in the RPL 1 Player Draft on February 3, with Cricket For A Cauz claiming Scott Hayward with the first pick, while Darcy Shipard (Goods Inc.) and Doug Paxton (Buying The Boys) were also first-round selections. 

RPL matches consist of up to 11 players a side playing 7-over matches. Only eight players may bat (up three players can be designated bowlers) and the fielding team may only have eight players on the field at any time. 

Seven bowlers bowl one over each and wides and no-balls count as four runs in addition to any runs scored and are not re-bowled.

The boundary will be set at a distance of 50 metres from the pitch.

You can follow the fortunes of the RPL and its teams via the Riverton Premier League Facebook page.